The Raw Power Of Growth Hormone-Releasing Peptide 6 (GHRP-6)—What We Know

Posted by Medical Board on September 18, 2016 in Hormones Men Women Last updated on May 23, 2019 THE RAW POWER OF GROWTH HORMONE-RELEASING PEPTIDE 6 (GHRP-6)—WHAT WE KNOW

What is Growth Hormone-Releasing Peptide 6 (GHRP-6)?

The natural hormone, GHRP-6 is a growth hormone releasing peptide identified in the 1980’s. This very potent stimulator of natural growth hormone promotes hunger and food intake, and seriously boosts energy metabolism. Specifically, GHRP-6 is comprised of L-Histidine, D-Tryptophan, L-Alanine, L-Tryptophan, D-Phenylalanine and L-Lysine. Some growth hormone releasing peptides may be used to treat eating disorders and obesity because of their ability to induce appetite and reduce fat in many individuals.

How was GHRP-6 Discovered?

After a long and exhaustive search, in 1982 research scientists isolated and identified, Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone. Further discovery followed, finding that Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone Peptide 6 (GHRP-6) bound to receptors different from those of Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone. Working synergistically with GHRH, GHRP-6 stimulated a strong GH release response in the body. While this particular chemical sequence triggers the natural release of growth hormone, it also blocks “Somatostatin”, an inhibitor of GH. This lead to the development of a new class of synthetic growth hormones called, “secretagogues”. Secretagogues are hormones or other agents that stimulate secretion of hormones.

What does Growth Hormone-Releasing Peptide 6 do?

In recent studies, hexa-peptide GHRP-6, composed of both natural and isomeric (same molecular formula, different chemical structure) elements was found to promote lean muscle mass, stamina, strength, and fat loss. Research further indicated that this peptide sequence targets the hypothalamus and the Growth Hormone Secretagouge Receptor (GHSR) now known as, “Ghrelin”.[3] This is also commonly referred to as the “hunger hormone”, released in the lining of the stomach. Growth Hormone-Releasing Peptide 6 also stimulates the anterior pituitary gland to release growth hormone. Increased amounts of growth hormone then trigger the liver to produce Insulin Growth Factor (IGF-1) that promotes fat burning and muscle building.

How is GHRP-6 used?

Because Growth Hormone-Releasing Peptide 6 both increases appetite and aids in fat loss, physicians may use the synthetic hormone activator to treat a variety of weight-related medical conditions including, obesity and anorexia. Body builders, weightlifters, athletes, and older individuals have discovered the powerful peptide as well. Generally, individuals inject reconstituted peptide either, sub-cutaneously, intramuscularly or intravenously.

Benefits of Growth Hormone-Releasing Peptide 6


  • Stimulates body’s own growth hormone secretion
  • Promotes fat loss
  • Helps create lean muscle
  • Stimulates appetite
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Helps heal injuries (tendinitis)
  • Costs a fraction of HGH
  • Cosmetic skin improvement
  • Effective in pulse therapy[1]
  • Increased IGF-1 levels
  • More readily available to purchase over HGH
  • Cardioprotective (helps to protect cells against oxidative damage)
  • May help protect liver
  • May help stimulate better immune system

Increased Effect When Combining GHRP-6 With A GHRH

While Growth Hormone-Releasing Peptide 6 is productive in stimulating growth hormone all on its own, it reaches maximum potency when combined with growth hormone releasing hormone.[3] In fact, only about one-half, or one-third as much GHRP-6 is necessary to secrete the same amount of GH, when combined with GHRH.

Where To Buy GHRP-6

The online marketplace has seen a major increase in demand for the hormone releasing peptide. Currently many online storefronts and distribution sites exist under the “Research Chemical Only” umbrella. Growth Hormone-Releasing Peptide 6 (GHRP-6) is usually sold in powder form in 5mg vials, to be mixed with sterile water and refrigerated.

What factors affect GHRP-6?

Certain factors may impact the efficacy of GHRP-6 including:

  • High blood glucose levels
  • High somatostatin levels
  • Low thyroid levels
  • Aged GHRP-6 reconstituted formula over 30 days old

Unrefrigerated reconstituted peptide formulas should be discarded.

Further research and testing of Growth Hormone-Releasing Peptide 6 (GHRP-6) is ongoing and necessary in understanding the full range of possible applications for future use.[2]

* Many individuals may consider adding a regimen of GHRP-6 to their normal diet and exercise program. While deciding whether or not to use GHRP-6 it should be noted that currently this peptide releaser is not manufactured or intended for commercial human use. It is also not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for this purpose.


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