Injectable HGH Supplements—Your Safety and The Law

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HGH Supplements—Hope For Anti-aging

Increase in sex drive, more energy, greater physical strength, increased stamina, weight loss, and a leaner body…who doesn’t want more of a good thing—right? As we grow older our bodies start to slow down, but with Americans’ life expectancy approaching age 80, more and more individuals are exploring ways to stay active, remain healthy, and harness energy, lost in the natural aging process.

Historic Use of HGH Supplements For Growth Hormone Therapy

Since the 1950’s doctors have used HGH supplements in growth hormone therapy to treat many serious medical conditions in children and adults. While growth hormone is necessary for normal human development some individuals do not produce the required amounts to function properly. Growth hormone therapy with regular HGH injections has been very successful in the United States.[1]

With the advent of synthetic HGH in the 1990’s many athletes, body builders, and aging adults have turned to HGH supplements for its anabolic properties.

HGH Benefits

HGH benefits individuals by:

  • Facilitating fat loss
  • Creating higher bone density
  • Building lean muscle
  • Improving sleep
  • Increasing energy, stamina and focus
  • Raising libido

Injectable Human Growth Hormone Supplements—Costly, Dangerous, Illegal?

While the FDA supports human growth hormone therapy through injection for specific medical conditions, it is not approved in the United States as part of an overall anti-aging strategy. There are some medical clinics that dispense HGH for this purpose however. These prescribe and administer HGH supplements in a series of shots that can cost over $15,000 per year. While a licensed physician must prescribe injectable human growth hormone supplements, use for unintended purposes, also referred to as, “off-label use” could put individuals at risk for harmful side effects.[4]

HGH Supplements—Off Label Dangers

There’s no question that injectable HGH benefits many individuals. There may be a price to pay for “off-label use”, however.

As we age, some hormone levels naturally change. Throughout life, and in response to need, the body works to maintain a delicate balance of these chemical messengers necessary to carry out various processes and functions. Supplementing human growth hormone with HGH injections could actually be harmful for a number of reasons.

Off-label use of HGH supplements could result in:

  • Natural hormone regulation dysfunction
  • Processing of supplemental HGH differently than naturally produced HGH
  • Amplification of negative side effects naturally occurring from hormone release
  • Interference with other medications

Side Effects of HGH

Common side effects of HGH may include:

  • Decrease in sensitivity to touch/tingling/itching skin
  • Vision disturbances
  • Dizziness
  • Severe headache
  • Disturbance with heartbeat

Less common

  • Chest pain


  • Bloating or abdominal pain
  • Skin depression at site of injection
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Skin rash
  • Pain in hip or knee[3]

Human Growth Hormone For Sale—Is it legal?

Currently, both federal and state laws regulate human growth hormone. Internet sites advertising, human growth hormone for sale from other countries may tempt consumers to purchase injectable HGH supplements for anti-aging or enhanced athletic performance. While it is clearly illegal at both the state and federal levels to purchase, import, or possess HGH supplements with intent to distribute or sell, it may be technically legal to possess HGH for personal use in some states.

Human growth hormone is not listed as a controlled substance at the federal level either, but it does require a doctor’s prescription for specified use in many states, to date. “Steroid laws” vary wildly between states concerning amounts, paraphernalia, penalties and intended usage.

Whether or not possession of injectable HGH supplements is classified as a misdemeanor, a felony, (or not a crime at all) is solely at the discretion of individual states.[2]

While it is clear that HGH benefits individuals in a number of ways, using injectable human growth hormone supplements in an attempt to reverse aging should be met with an abundance of caution. Understanding the risks involved with injectable growth hormone supplements, (both medically and legally) is critical in making an informed decision about purchase and use.


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