What are some methods for preventing pregnancy?

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Birth control methods in the United States vary, with over 60% of women engaging in some type of pregnancy prevention. As new products and methods become available, older forms of birth control may be used less frequently.

Birth Control Types

In the U.S., five major types of birth control exist.

These include:

Hormonal methods—Birth control pill, the “mini” pill, birth control shot, birth control ring, birth control patch, implant
Intrauterine devices—IUD device implanted
Barrier methods—Male/female condom, diaphragm, cervical cap
Spermicides—Foam, jelly, cervical sponge,
Emergency contraception (taken after intercourse)—ECP pills, copper T IUD
Male/female sterility (permanent contraception)—Tubal ligation, transcervical sterilization, vasectomy

Each method of birth control offers a varying level of pregnancy protection and carries certain health risks and side effects.

Learn more about the birth control method that’s right for you and your partner.

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