What are some common misconceptions people have about genetic testing?

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Genetics help determine how likely we are to develop one or more serious medical conditions that could cause health problems in the future, as we age.

Misconception #1

Genetic Testing Provides Definitive Answers

While genetic testing can help assess risk for possible inherited diseases and medical conditions, there is no 100% predictor of any medical pathology. Having genetic markers for certain diseases alone, does not determine whether or not an individual will ultimately develop one.

Misconception #2

Genetic Mutations Are Forever

Genetic mutations that change our DNA can occur at any time and may:

Be inherited
Develop before birth
Present during a lifetime
The way in which genetic changes occur, and when, can impact whether these changes will result in disease.

Misconception #3

One Genetic Test Covers Everything

Basic genetic tests include three types of testing including molecular genetic tests, chromosomal genetic tests, and biochemical genetic tests. Each test analyzes DNA material differently.

Who should get genetic testing?

Genetic testing can benefit many individuals including those who:

Are healthy and want to prevent the possibility of certain genetic related health conditions.
Already know that certain conditions may run in their family.
Want to know if they are a carrier for certain genetically related health conditions and could possibly pass the genetic mutation for the condition to future offspring.
Wish to start a conversation with their personal healthcare professional about a possible predisposition to a medical condition.
Are aware of a sibling or parent who has been diagnosed with a particular medical condition and want to know if they are at increased risk for developing the condition.
Get the answers you’ve been looking for. Explore genetic testing today.

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