Scholarship Updated Fall 2020-2021

Our Commitment To Accuracy, Integrity, Excellence

The Health Organization is committed to providing the most current, comprehensive information and education to our readers on a variety of aspects of human health, for both men and women. Our medically research-backed reports, articles, and blog segments combine government studies, top-rated university research, and current U.S. and world news findings on:

  • Heart health, disease prevention and treatment
  • Hormone treatment and aging
  • Latest pharmaceutical interventions
  • Widely recognized alternative therapies
  • News about natural herbal supplements
  • Positive lifestyle changes for optimal health and wellness
  • Nutrient deficiencies

As well as product offerings/services including:

  • Testing for most common blood, saliva, and urine screenings
  • High quality natural herbal solutions, vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional support
  • Free confidential consultation for health concerns
  • Online support for FAQ’s and orders
  • Connection with local board certified physician partners
  • Featured symptom checker, quizzes, and more

Why We Care

In an information society where news is everywhere, we pride ourselves on providing the most accurate, up-to-date, science-supported health and nutrition facts available. We also understand our readers have a choice. We appreciate the opportunity to share what we’ve learned about keeping the heart healthy, and finding the right hormonal balance through every age and stage of life.

A Foundation For Education

We value the importance of a college education and know the future would not be possible without the ideas and input of creative young students interested in health, nutrition, natural living, and preventive care. Because of this, we’d like to lend a helping hand by offering a $1000 scholarship to a college or university student planning on school attendance, fall of 2020-2021.

Our Criteria

The ideal candidate will possess an interest in health, health science, natural health, nutrition, disease prevention, or a related topic.

The candidate will be either a new, incoming college or university freshman for the fall 2020-2021, school year or a returning college/university student.

The candidate must submit a 1000-1500-word essay that demonstrates a clear understanding of the need for an integrated, natural, “whole body” approach to health and wellness. The topic can be one of your choosing, but must convey the benefits of healthy living through positive lifestyle choices, exercise, nutrition, stress management, natural supplements, etc. Your essay does not have to include each of these elements, but should touch on one or more in some creative, educational way and be backed up by facts.

Also, please include:

Your Full Name

Your Email Address

The Name and Address of the financial aid office of the College or University you plan to attend

Proof of enrollment in college (We will accept: scanned copy of acceptance letter, financial aid office letter that specifies school, other documentation that specifically verifies student enrollment)

Please copy and paste your personal information, as well as your essay in the submission entry form below.

All entries must be submitted by July 31, 2020.

Once the winning submission is selected, the $1000 scholarship will be sent to the financial aid office of the college or university listed.

Have Fun and Good Luck!

Terms and Conditions

Please note, all entries will become property of HRT.ORG and may be used for promotional or marketing purposes as we see fit. It is our purpose to provide monetary support for the most eligible college or university entrant.

Scholarship Application

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