CoQmax™ ME | 120 Softgels | Xymogen


Innovative, Soy-Free, Five-Lipid Blend for Enhanced Absorption*
Support Natural Energy Generation and Mitochondrial Function*
Support Plasma/Tissue CoQ10 Levels*
Support Health/Functioning of the Cardiovascular System*
Support Neuromuscular and Central Nervous System Health*



CoQmax™ ME is XYMOGEN’s proprietary, micro-emulsified, 50 mg CoQ10 for convenient dosing. The formula offers unparalleled absorption and bioavailability. CoQmax ME has been shown in clinical trials to be over eight times more absorbable than powdered CoQ10 and more than twice as bioavailable as oil-based or so-called “nano”-dispersed formulas on the market. CoQmax ME’s proprietary multi-lipid carrier is a formulation that is unmatched for optimal utilization in the support of cardiovascular and energy-based health needs.*

Available in 30 sofgels and 120 softgels.

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