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Exclusive Technology

Polar Electro, Incorporated leads the world, and the wearable heart rate monitoring/fitness tracking industry in cutting edge research and technology. Rightly so, as its Finnish founder, Seppo Säynäjäkangas conceived the idea for the first ever, wireless EKG heart rate monitor out of necessity, on a cross-country skiing track in the late 1970’s. By 1980 he would have a three-year old manufacturing operation in Kempele, Finland and a patent for wireless heart rate measuring technology that would put Polar up front in the worldwide marketplace, with its exclusive wearable wire-free heart rate monitor, the Sport Tester PE 2000.

Invested In Accuracy

From the beginning, Polar was interested in developing devices that stood up to rigorous testing and research, while offering the most accurate information and feedback to the user. Initially, as other manufacturers of fitness trackers began to spring up around the world, Polar kept to its roots requiring an auxiliary chest strap be worn as part of the heart monitoring process. Because of this “science first” commitment to accuracy, the award winning company is a natural leader and favorite among universities and research communities, even participating in a co-op program for studies in exercise science.

Today, the company has grown into a worldwide conglomerate with 26 subsidiaries and 35,000 retail operations in 80 countries. Polar offers some of the most innovative, advanced wearable technology in the fitness marketplace anywhere on the planet. Heart rate monitors, performance trackers, GPS sports watches and bike computers are designed for every level of fitness and lifestyle in mind. Whether you’re a newcomer to activity monitoring, or a competitive swimmer, trainer, runner or cyclist, Polar has a device to fit every individual need.

Tools In Motion

The ability to interface with many other compatible Polar products to obtain data on demand, makes Polar Flow for Coach application the natural choice for coaches and personal trainers, who need to keep track of clients’ performance, readily analyze progress, and adjust goals and workout strategies on the go. Polar Flow for Coach allows for a whole download of stats, reports, diaries, and summaries to help set realistic goals for clients and create workable training plans.

Known for their durability and accuracy, the Polar companies get behind a number of causes and programs including, Polar Physical Education Solutions where more than 10, 000 U.S. schools receive fitness watches like the POLAR M400, made to be worn all day long to monitor and track activity. The lightweight, compact unit actually prompts users when its time to get up and start moving, in an effort to promote healthy exercise habits and fitness.

polar-m400-activity-gps-fitness-monitor-tracker-watch-white-heart-rate-choose-size-med-xl-30-45-inchesPolar M400

Polar also supports the use of its wearable fitness units in efforts to promote corporate wellness and health. Many companies offer employee incentives through bonuses, gifts, or time off to motivate workplace exercise and healthy eating programs.

Reasonably priced fitness watches like the A300 is designed to encourage employees to move more. The POLAR A300 is a fitness watch and tracker that pushes individuals to achieve more by tracking their daily activity, training, and sleep.

polar-a300Polar A300

Again, because Polar was born of science and research beginnings, their award-winning heart rate monitors are top of the line for accuracy. This sets serious fitness trackers apart from basic step counters since the heart is an important metric, providing valuable information about training and heart rate zones. A few beats per minute make a huge difference for individuals, making accuracy critical. Optical heart rate technology sends bright light through the skin, measuring light that comes back. Blood absorbs light, so variables measured in light captured by sensors are factored in to determine pulse rate.

Polar’s first wrist-worn heart rate tracker with optical heart rate technology, the POLAR A360 watch brings a waterproof product (30m) together with Smart Coaching functionality for serious training in the pool, on the road, on the track. All of this syncs through Bluetooth Smart to Android and iOS devices for text alerts, emails, and Twitter notifications from the notification centers for both platforms.

polar-a360-heart-rate-monitor-black-medium-bluetooth-straplessPolar A360

For the competitive athlete who demands more from their workout, the POLAR V800 high performance waterproof sports watch with GPS and access to Smart coaching, syncs to Polar Flow, and supplies a connection to an online training community designed to push users to the limit while providing necessary support.

polar-v800-multi-sport-watch-blackPolar V800

As an aside, Polar’s site is loaded with a host of athletes, sports teams, and clubs that use Polar training computers and products, like the POLAR M430 Advanced Running Watch with Wrist-based Heart Rate and GPS. The newly designed POLAR M430 brings integrated, state-of-the-art running metrics and advanced GPS together, with the freedom of optical heart rate technology to create an elevated training experience for users.

polar-m430-running-gps-enabled-watchPolar M430

Polar’s reputation for careful, research-backed product development has repeatedly earned them the prestigious CES Innovation Award, along with many others, setting them apart from all other fitness innovators. Because their roots go so deep and lead directly back to the place where wearable heart monitoring and fitness tracking all began, they can’t afford to grow too fast by manufacturing or marketing a product that doesn’t meet the highest standards for precision, durability, accuracy, and excellence.

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