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Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the world, claiming the lives of more than 17 million people every year. One company intends to change all that.

Early Beginnings

Omron Healthcare believes that every heart attack and stroke can be prevented with the help of wearable, monitoring technology that keeps individuals informed and alert to changes in heart rate and blood pressure. The parent company for Omron, based in Kyoto, Japan had its early beginnings in 1933 as the Tateishi Electric Manufacturing Company, founded by Kazuma Tateisi, an inventor and innovator. The company name, “Omron” is a nod to its original location, “Omuro” an area of Kyoto where Tateisi first opened up shop. His innovations lead him to develop a number of electrical mechanisms including components for factory automation, the first automated teller machines, and electronic healthcare devices such as automated blood pressure monitors and the first digital thermometer.

A Healthier Today With Technology

Omron Healthcare knows a little something about health and wellness monitoring. They should. They’ve been designing and manufacturing blood pressure monitoring devices for 40 years and are the #1 seller of blood pressure machines in the world, with over 100 million units sold to date. The same company that develops and manufactures a number of blood pressure monitors for both consumer and commercial use quickly established itself as a trusted partner in the healthcare industry 40 years ago.

Managing Blood Pressure Through Monitoring

High blood pressure impacts nearly one-third of all U.S. adults and is directly linked to an increased risk for heart attack and stroke. Monitoring blood pressure and knowing when to take steps to modify behavior or treatment is critical in blood pressure management.

State-Of-The-Art Accuracy

Omron Healthcare designs and manufactures an entire line of portable, state-of-the-art blood pressure monitors that can be worn either on the wrist or upper arm, whether at work, on vacation, or at home. Omron is one of the most trusted names in the healthcare equipment industry, so accuracy is critical and never compromised.

The OMRON 10 BP785N is one of the best wireless blood pressure monitors (worn on the upper arm) for its price point (under $100). The bright, backlit, extra large display features colored indicator lights that draw attention to normal readings or readings that warrant medical attention. The trademarked TruRead feature guarantees the most accurate blood pressure reading by taking three consecutive readings within 10 minutes and averaging all three. Dual sensors double check readings as well, while Heart Beat Detector identifies any irregular heart beat so users can alert a medical professional to a potential problem.

The OMRON 10 Series, easy to wrap cuff is versatile in size, allowing for a secure fit for upper arm circumferences from 9-17 inches. The device also stores up to 200 blood pressure readings so comparisons can be made and impressions recorded over a period of weeks or months. Overall, Omron BP785N gets high marks for its ease in readability and reliability.

Accuracy Anywhere—Anytime

While armband blood pressure monitors are generally more on point than wrist worn monitors, Omron makes an exceptionally good product that actually rivals other companies in quality and accuracy without breaking the bank. The OMRON BP629N 3 offers the convenience of a portable wrist worn blood pressure monitor without compromising precision and accuracy. Just like with Omron’s other high quality models, the unit utilizes Advanced Averaging technology, taking 3 readings within 10 minutes and averaging them for accuracy. The monitor also stores 60 readings with date and time stamps, which can be reviewed at the touch of a button.

The lightweight unit is small enough to fit in a pocket and user friendly for the average consumer. The only drawback involves memory—when you change the batteries you have to go through the set up process again. Aside from that, the wrist worn device is considered to be the best budget blood pressure monitor in its class for the money.

Omron Evolv Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron’s newest blood pressure monitor, showcased at the 2017 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) allows for accurate blood pressure monitoring in a portable, sleek one-piece design. The upper arm unit syncs to Omron’s app via Bluetooth for sharing readings with friends, family, or medical professionals and can also be used to track blood pressure history and identify trends. The compact wireless monitor is compatible with many iOS and Android devices as well. The Evolv unit uses Omron’s proprietary heart health algorithm, Advanced Accuracy and utilizes more data points for greater precision.

The Evolv is designed to detect an irregular heartbeat and indicates this with a “heart” icon, just like other blood pressure monitors in Omron’s line up. The battery-operated unit displays readings in LED, storing 100, before writing over data. While the monitor can perform roughly 300 tests on four AAA batteries, one of the only drawbacks to Evolv’s design seems to be the fact that the unit is not rechargeable. For a durable, well-made monitor that’s easy to operate for anyone (with or without the app) Omron appears to have nailed it again with this product.

Taking Control of Your Health

Where heart attack and stroke are concerned, Omron takes a hard line with its “Going For Zero” campaign. The hope is that it will inspire a new generation to take the necessary steps to prevent these critical events, eventually reducing the number to “0”. By monitoring blood pressure regularly, individuals can begin to make the kinds of lifestyle choices that promote a healthy cardiovascular system. Omron wants to provide the tools.

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