Hormones and Hormonal Health

Adrenal Fatigue—How Stress Affects Hormone Levels

Compounding Pharmacy – Customized Medication for Men & Women—The Natural Choice

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What is compounding? Compounding is the process of combining 2 or more ingredients to create a customized medication, specifically prepared for an individual. A licensed pharmacist or physician essentially creates a recipe containing many elements that must be thoroughly combined, so that a particular prescription can be used for a specific person. Compounded medications do

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Individualized Hormone Therapy—A Balanced Approach to Treatment

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Every middle-aged man and woman will experience physical changes as a result of fluctuating hormone levels and the natural course of aging. The type of treatment prescribed depends a lot on the physician treating hormone-related symptoms, and the needs of the individual patient. While some physicians may successfully manage mood-related disorders, loss of libido, vasomotor

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Phytoestrogens—Natural Hormone Defense

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What are phytoestrogens? Phytoestrogens are naturally produced chemicals that mimic hormones in the body, also referred to as mild estrogens. Currently, more than 300 plants produce phytoestrogens, in 16 different plant families. While phytoestrogens are much weaker than natural estrogen found in humans and in animals, they may have the potential to produce estrogenic effects.[6][8]

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Sleeplessness in Perimenopause—Possible Causes and Solutions

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While one out of every two people struggle with sleep difficulties, complaints are twice as likely to be from women.[1][4] Until more recently however, sleep studies have failed to focus on factors unique to aging females, including perimenopause, the period leading up to the cessation of menstruation.[5] Where once, women lived scarcely two decades past

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