Heart Health

Heart Health. Everything you wanted to know.

The objective of this journal is to create a Web health publication that will interest health care providers, the lay public and medical students across the world.

The direction of the heart health journal will be determined by the medical community, industry and the lay public.

The medical community will present topics that are of interest and importance to the world at large. These will include review articles, case reports, editorials, images, lectures, and peer reviewed articles. All material will be identified with the submitting caregiver and his/her institution.

Readers are encouraged to respond to the material published in this journal and their comments (if deemed appropriate) will in turn be published with the article as long as it is on line. Answers to questions will be responded to by the authors.

Industrial support for the journal is acknowledged with an icon on the journal’s home page. These icons may link to the web page of the sponsor. No advertising appears in the journal but the sponsor is free to use the link to their web page as they choose.

Patients will drive the publication with heart related questions of their interest or related to material in the journal. Questions which are deemed appropriate will be responded to by physicians specialized in the field of the question. The question identifying its source will appear with the response in the Frequently asked questions section or with the article with to which it is related.

Those submitting questions do so with the understanding that their question may be published in the journal.